Our male chastity devices & penis cages will keep you submissive

The BON4M in stainless steel to stay submissive and devoted to your key holder.
No more measuring, or worries about the right ring size(s), as all of our cages come with a large selection of cock and ball rings. We are very pleased with the launch of these innovated high quality male chastity packages.
The new designs are available since December 2018 and are being offered in 3 different sizes of stainless steel cages. The BON4Micro is basically ideal for men with a quite small flaccid penis. Very nice too for those who are into little dick humiliation. Do you, or your partner, consider the length of your flaccid dick some where in between 2.6″ and 4″ than you should go for the BON4M.
And those blessed with a large dick we strongly advise to select the new BON4MLarge.

On this website you’ll find plenty of detailed product information such as instruction movies in which is shown how to put the device on. We have also created lots of 360’s in which you can view any detail from any angle.

Also available are the BON4Mplus packages in which different sizes of stainless steel cages are combined with lots of CBR’s (cock and ball rings).
The innovated CBR’s are hinged and due to the new design will cause no or very little bit of pinching.
These CBR’s are available in an amazing quantity of 13 different sizes between 1.3″ and 2.3″.
The BON4Mplus versions are very complete packages that offer the right fit as well as security for most kinds of male chastity play.

Have fun and spice up your life with the innovated BON4M series!

BON4 Transparent Silicone Penis Cages to stay locked and controlled 24/7 in a comfortable device.

The new BON4Micro extra small stainless steel cage is ideal for sissies & the less endowed. Visit our product page for more information and 360º presentation.

Securely caged & controlled

Since 2009 BON4 has designed and manufactured high quality chastity devices. To ensure you the right fit all our cages come standard with a variety of scrotal rings. No more erections, masturbation or cumming whilst locked and controlled in our comfortable silicone or secure steel devices. Why wait another day?

Chastity Topics

Devoted to my key holder;
Would you like to live your life being controlled sexually? Devoted to your (dominating) partner and be the submissive? You are considering entering the magic and exciting world of male chastity? (read more…)

BON4 reviews

Since May 2018 reviews can be posted directly on our website. Those who purchase a BON4 product receive after 14 days a review request.
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