Male Chastity Devices


All BON4 products are a pleasure to wear and come with a full one-year warranty

About Us

BON4 started in 2009 with the BON4 Male Silicone Chastity devices. Mainly based on our customers feedback, helpful comments & opinions we decided in 2011 to come up with improved Male BON4 Chastity designs in different sizes and colors. (read more…)

Why BON4?

The BON4 silicone male chastity devices are more or less based on a wearer who appreciates a more comfortable device.
The flexible light silicone material allows you to keep it on with your normal activities, and while wearing the BON4 it will be relatively difficult to notice under trousers. (read more…)


If you are interested in becoming part of a worldwide success story then get in touch! All our distributors are authorised by us and offer the same excellent quality and service that you would expect from us.
Be part of an established worldwide brand with the BON4 (read more…)