The BON4M Silver plated version can be used for all kinds of quality chastity play. Once locked in this silver baby there will be no more erections possible. Are you ready to obey and please your kh for as long as it takes? Once caged in the secure silver device there will be no escape options. First electroplated with a layer of copper, followed by a layer of silver. We are very proud to offer you this masterpiece, no more nickel allergy. Only available in the Hinged version, select the s/m or large cock cage size. The price is for the silver plated cage including one chosen silver plated ring size + the same model in stainless steel. When you order the BON4M(small)silver we'll ship the steel version first to your shipping address. (It's included in the total price) After you know your correct ring size you let us know by e-mail. That way you can be sure and we'll pack and ship the right silver chastity package. Note Sizing: Those with a small / medium sized penis select BON4Msmall Silver and those with a large penis select the BON4M Silver. The BON4M(small) Silver plated is a very secure HQ male chastity cage that comes with 1 year full warranty.
Choose between the following options
Cage size
Ring size
Additional ring size
$ 550,00 USD
First sent to you: the complete stainless steel version.
  • Stainless steel BON4M or BON4Msmall
  • Overall assembled length: BON4Msmall silver 3.54″ / BON4M silver 4.33"
  • Internal cage length: BON4Msmall silver 2.56″ / BON4M silver 3.35"
  • Cage opening diameter: 1.38″ / 1.38" (same for both cage sizes)

  • Your chosen Silver plated back-ring size. (in time you let us know)
  • 1 Silver plated Locking Pin
  • A brass quality padlock
  • 4 First grade silicone covers
  • 5 unique numbers laser-engraved on the Cage. These numbers are kept in our database and guarantee our customers an original BON4.
  • Weight of (for example) the complete BON4Msmall Cage + 1.73″ Ring + Pad lock = 8.39 oz / 238 gr
These BON4 products are genuine and come directly from the BON4 manufacturer.
All BON4 products have a one-year full warranty.

Hand over the keys to your key holder and enjoy!
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