Devoted to my key holder;
Would you like to live your life being controlled sexually?
Devoted to your (dominating) partner and being submissive?
You are considering entering the magic and exciting world of male chastity?
Having your orgasm controlled for a few days or maybe longer...until the moment your key holder decides to unlock you?

You might be an experienced wearer of chastity cages who is more into long term chastity.
Your previous record was 4 months and 12 days and even though the release lead to a sensational climax you are now focused on being locked for at least 6 months.
Actually, deep inside your heart, you have only one wish and that's staying locked up for the rest of your life.

Your mistress key holder had warned you on numerous occasions to obey and listen very carefully all the time...
Without a contract or a release date you know very well who owes your cock and balls 24/7.
This morning you were told to improve your behavior immediately otherwise you would stay locked for a long long time more, maybe even forever.

Well there is so much more to experience and for some interesting to know about different chastity topics.
What about Forced chastity, cuckold & submissive, micro chastity, Femdom, (not) cumming / milking while locked etc

These are all relevant and for some of our website visitors exciting topics.

Maybe you would like to post some chastity lifestyle experience?
Anonymous or under your name, doesn't matter.
The text should be 100% original (and never been published before) and very relevant to the subject male chastity as you understand. It should be written in an easy understandable way and should not be (particular) personal. No need to mention brands or make any kind of advertisement etc.
Especially some one from the "scene" , no matter what particular part, with an English mother tongue, who hopefully presents something nice and interesting to read, would be very welcome.

Mail us your Male Chastity story

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